Unique solutions are designed to give an environmental solution to the effluents absorbed or produced by customer processing.

Sweet Water
Treatment Plants

Entirely designed and built in South Africa, the SES Mobile Instant Sweet Water Puri-fication System uses state-of-the-art technology to process quality drinking water from any water source. These units are available as made-to-order units, with a choice of Petrol, diesel or electric pumps.

This system effectively removes solids, colour, taste, odour and residue. It is perfect for applications where water supply requirements may not be permanent such as farms, informal settlements, and mining.

A large variety of options are available, depending on the quality and nature of the water source, the quantity of purified water required, the application (need) for the puri-fied water, manual or automatic operation. Water sources that can be treated are:

Hydrocarbon Bio-Remediation

This process provides immediate remediation of contaminated soils in-situ. The contaminated soil is excavated and thoroughly mixed with measured doses of a product which encapsulates the hydro-carbon portion in an organo-silicate (sand). The product is non-leaching, this process provides immediate results and a permanent solution. It also can be used on hard surfaces such as concrete, brick work & steel.

Black Magic is a uniquely formulated Biodegradable Deep cleaning hard surface cleaner with superior oil, petrol and hydrocarbon remediating properties which eliminates waste disposal costs and reduces health and safety risks.

Black Magic Oil Spill bio remediation is a cutting edge proprietary developed eco-friendly enzyme producing bacteria hydrocarbon soil remediating solution for all oil, diesel, petrol, fuel and hydrocarbon associated spills.

Dust Suppression

USTEX is a Soil Binder, Dust Palliative and gravel preserver and dust palliative is a uniquely formulated lignin-based product available in both liquid and powder form. With the ability to penetrate almost any standard compacted road surface, Dustex produces a well bonded smooth hard surface with good abrasion resistant characteristics.

DUSTEX has no negative impact on the environment and is safe to handle. It is non-toxic and non-hazardous.

DUSTLOCK is a water-based emulsion of modified acrylic polymers. DustLock is clay soil stabiliser and polymer gravel binders and water-based emulsion of modified acrylic polymers suitable for application to areas or surfaces requiring medium to long-term dust suppression.

DUSTLOCK is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. It has no long-term adverse impact on the environment and is safe to handle. It is non-toxic and non-hazardous.

Oil-Water Remediation

The Oil / Water Separation Processing Plant transforms hydro-carbon contaminated water into clean effluent (water) and fertile compost. With the addition of the sanitization plant the effluent is released as potable water. All these products being highly desirable in our arid country.

The unit is able to be run on less than 6 amps from a 220volt power supply or solar panel with inverter. Municipal water is used to keep the IP Process hydrated at a minimum level.

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