BARET High Abrasion Pinch Valve

BARET High abrasion Pinch Valves are reliable, low maintenance, cost-effective valves for slurries, abrasives and corrosive applications. When fully open the full bore design is identical to a rubber lined pipe. This design com-pletely encapsulates the media, and prevents the risk of media contaminating any of the mechanical working parts.

Due to the full bore design, turbulence is greatly reduced, which reduces wear and increases the life of the valve. Scale build stuck to the sleeve wall will break up and dislodge passing through the valve because of the flexing of the rubber sleeve. BARET Pinch Valves are bi-directional and feature a drop tight shutoff. They have been designed with a shortened face-to-face dimension, similar to that of a diaphragm valve.

High Performance KGV

  • Bi Directional
  • Unrestricted Flow
  • Wafer Ring Flanged Body
  • Repack able Gland Stuffing Box
  • PTFE Gland Scrapers
  • Pedestal Facilitates
  • Locking
  • Proximity Switches
Typical Applications
  • Mineral Processing
  • Mine tailings
  • Slurries
  • Pneumatic Conveying
  • Paper pulps
  • Cement
  • Water Applications