Materials Handling

As materials handling specialists our core business is the design, manufacture and installation of turnkey materials handling solutions centred around the unique shaftless screw conveyor technology. The systems are purpose designed and cater for the specific needs of each client and project.

Material Handling products include:

  • Screw Conveyors
  • Shaftless screw conveyors
  • Centreless Screw Conveyor Auger

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Ventilation & Associated Services

We are a leading manufacturer of mine ventilation equipment and accessories in both steel and flexible PVC products including high pressure ventilation doors, ventilation ducting, ventilation bends, silencers, protection pieces, blast sprays, rectangular ducting, flexible PVC force and exhaust ducting and polypropylene ventilation curtains and brattices.
Spirotech also manufacture fully automated high pressure and low pressure ventilation doors

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Our focus is predominantly aimed towards the mining and engineering sectors. Our well-equipped facilities allow us to constantly strive to improve on time management, accuracy and productivity in order to meet the customer's needs.

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Spirotech Environmental Solutions

Under this division, unique solutions are designed to give an environmental solution to the effluents absorbed or produced by customer processing.
This includes but is not limited to the remediation of chemical and hazardous effluents.
The largest correction is the split of oil and water. Then returning the water to be re-used and removing the oils / metals for recovery, remediation or digestion.

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