Shaftless Screw Conveyor

The Spirotech Shaftless Conveyor has the following benefits:

  • No hanger bearings means low maintenance
  • No end bearings means no gravity schutes
  • No centre shaft means high filling rate
  • High filling rate means low rpm which means low maintenance
  • Sealed consturction means no dust

Verto List

Special Vertical Conveyors offer new solutions to vertical conveying:

  • Compact Installations
  • Minimum wear
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Vertical Conveying at Low Operational Speeds
  • Vibration Free
  • Minimum Noise


The Spirotech Classifier operates on the principle of minimum inlet turbulence combined with optimum settling thereby extracting maximum soldes.:
Solids settle to the bottom of the trough and are extracted using a shaftless spiral operating at very low RPM. Spirotech also have a specially designed outlet wier and all classifiers have quick release lids.

Shaftless Spiral

The Spirotech Shaftless Spirals are manufactured from the highest quality High Tensile Steel and can be used in extremely high torque applications. For abrasive conditions Spirotech Spirals can be treated by means of hard facing, nitriding, ceramic lining and various well recognised abrasion resistant techniques.

Spirotech Spirals can offer design and turnkey solutions to all materials handling problems.

Live Bottom

The Spirotech Live Bottom offers the following:

  • Prevents bridging or arching in storage hoppers
  • Shaftless spirals ensure true live bottom characteristics with no clogging
  • Spirals are manufactured in left and right hand configurations
  • Sprials can be manufactured with variable pitch to ensure mass flow characteristics
  • Each spiral is driven individually
  • No hanger bearings or end bearings

Dewatering Press

The Spirotech Dewatering Press combines the efficiency of the Spirotech conveying system with the effectiveness of the dewatering compaction zone.

Some advantages are:

  • The shaftless spiral ensures no tangling and plugging of stringy materials
  • An automatice spray system to keep the screen clean
  • Adjustable tension on discharge door
  • Variable screen apertures to cater for all product sizes
  • Highly efficient dewatering
  • Primary drainage zone