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PVC Ventilation Ducting

Spirodux flexible ducting is manufactured for forced and exhaust auxiliary ventilation. Flexible ducting is used for ventilation of:

  • Shafts
  • any flat development end
  • raises or inclines
  • long wall and shortwall faces
  • hoist chambers
  • tunnel boring
  • and many other situations

F-Type Ducting

F-Type Ducting is for forced ventilation only. Commonly used in large tunnelling works. Diameters range from 300mm to 3000mm. Lengths are optional. Advantages are:

  • Folds flat for delivery and requires minimum storage space
  • Light and easily handled and transported
  • Quick and easy to install. Good suspension
  • Extremely air-tight. Low air-flow resistance

S-Type Ducting

S-Type Ducting can be used for both forced and exhaust ventilation. Supported externally by a continuous plasticencapsulated steel helix. This provides good flexibility as well as protection against wear

Features include all the advantages of F-Type Ducting (mentioned above) and:

  • Optional lengths
  • Plus extra resistance to the effect of negative pressure
  • Flexibility around corners

Quality—HL (Standard quality for normal pressure)

F-Type Ducting— The recommended maximum operating pressure for F-Type Ducting, allowing a safety margin of 2, is as follows:

Quality 600mm 800mm 1200mm 1400mm
HL 9,50kPa 7,41kPa 4,94kPa 4,18kPa

S-Type Ducting—For S-Type Ducting and for negative pressure, the recommended maximum operating pressure should be onlyhalf of that shown above. This recommendation is based on a standard pitch of 15cm. In order to achieve optimum operating conditions under negative pressure, the pitch of the spiral reinforcement can be decreased


For F-Type ducting the k-factor comes as low as 0,003. For S-Type ducting, depending on the way the column is installed, it can reach 0,007.


Anti-Static The maximum resistance should never exceed 3x108 ohm. Flame Retardency The material should under no circumstances support or assist flamespread.

In addition, minimum requirements regarding cloth weight andweave, coating and overall weight, tensile strength and tear strength,as well as porosity, are fully guaranteed in accordance with German
DIN specifications

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