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Spirotech have developed a unique efficient and cost effective cementitious support pack for a variety of underground locations.

Effective underground support depends entirely on solid contact with the hanging wall.

Without effective contact the support pack becomes ineffective and safety is compromised

The SpiroPac design eliminates the risk due to excellent permeability and seamless construction.

The weak points in any cementitious pack are the seams where the material is joined during construction. This eliminates the possibility of bursting during pumping.  The SpiroPac design uses woven circular material which is then configured to form the rectangular shape with the centre hole for the elongate.  The Elongate keeps the SpiroPac in Pisition during pumping and also provides additional support.  A further significant feature if the SpiroPac is permeability.

Spirotech have developed a woven material which allows superior drainage and minimal loss of fines.

This allows the Spiropac to be pumped once and pressurised during the first fill such that the layers are completely drained. By the time the last layer is pressures all the preceding layers are fully dewatered and solid.
This feature eliminates the need to return numerous times to refill the pack due to shrinkage.
This thus equates to quicker installation and less delay between blasting.

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