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Escape Breathing Apparatus

The Ocenco EBA 6.5 is the world standard

What is the duration of the Ocenco EBA 6,5?

  • The duration can be predicted by dividing the 157 litres of oxygen by the users oxygen consumption rate.
  • At rest the EBA6,5 will last up to 8 hours
  • At ventilation rate of 35 litres per minute, the EBA 6,5 will last 110 minutes
  • A user walking quickly in mine environment can travel 8 km or more depending on his fitness.
  • CE and RSA approval duration is 90 minutes

Since introducing the EBA 6,4 Ocenco Inc, has sold more emergency escape breathing apparatus to the worlds mining industry than all other manufactures combined.

Why? Because the EBA’s oxygen supply is long lasting.  The EBA 6,5 supplies the wearr morne than 9- minutes of oxygen during a typical mine escape- up to eight hours of oxygen at rest – a performance that exceeds all mining standards. (Oxygen delivery ranges from 1,5l/min constant flow up to 100l/min demand flow.) The EBA 6,5 uses a compressed oxygen as a source rather than generating oxygen from chemicals.  The oxygen content indicated on the gauge is always visible for inspection through the clear, tamper proof clear case.

The apparatus can be refurbished for a service life of up t 15 years and provides a lower cost per year of service than any other unit. 

The EBA 6,5 Circuit

Oxygen from the breathing bag is inhaled through the inhalation tube and the mouth piece.  Breath is exhaled through the mouth piece into the CO2 scrubber breath enters the breathing bag and is mixed with oxygen from the cylinder via the demand regulator.

The EDA 6,5 IS

Quick to don – can be put on and fully operational in 15 minutes or less

Easy to operate – turning the valve on activates the system; turning off permits conservation of oxygen

Long Lasting – over 90 minutes oxygen in demand mode; up to 8 hours in conservation mode. 

Light Weight – donned weight 4,17kg, with composite only 3,17kg.

Compact – at 21,6cm x 30cm x 11,4cm it stores easily and is easy to retrieve.

Easy to inspect – simple visual inspection confirms that the unit is ready to use.


EBA 6,5 Physical Characteristics and performance

Approvals Approval Numbers Approval Duration
MSHA/NIOSH TC – 13 F - 104 60 minutes
Republic of South Africa
(applicable standard)
AZ 2009/02
SANS 53794:2007
90 minutes

(applicable standard)

AS/NZS 1716:2003
90 minutes

CE CE 0194/EN

  90 minutes


MLA080028 100 minutes


Performance  110 Minutes
Rest Duration 8 hours
Time to don/Activate  15 seconds, or less
Total weight  4,17 kg Aluminum cylinder
3,72 kg Composite Cylinder
Donned Weight 3,63kg Aluminium cylinder
3,17 Composite Cylinder
Dimensions  21,6 cm x 30cm x 11,4cm
Storage temperature range -12o C to 60o C
Litres of Oxygen 157
Repair/ refurbish after use Yes
NIOSH service life 15 years
Oxygen Delivery System Compressed Oxygen
On/of valve
Constantly flows demand regulated
Cylinder Pressure 207 bars
CO2 scrubbing material Lythium Hydroxide
Inspection Visual  


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