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Spirodux flexible ducting is manufactured for forced and exhaust auxiliary ventilation.

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Dewatering Press

The Spirotech Dewatering Press combines the efficiencyof the Spirotech conveying system with the effectiveness of the dewatering compaction zone. The system comprises a shaftless conveyor that transports the material into the compaction zone. The compaction occurs within the wedge wire zone at the end of the conveyor. A plug of material is formed in the screen that is compacted due to the outlet door being spring loaded. Some advantages are:

  • The shaftless spiral ensures no tangling and plugging of stringy materials
  • An automatic spray system to keep the screen clean
  • Adjustable tension on discharge door
  • Variable screen apertures to cater for all product sizes
  • Highly efficient dewatering
  • Primary drainage zone
Type Capacity
Solids m3/hr
Length (mm)
Press Zone
Length (mm)
Plug length
SPCL 200 1 1200 500 125
SPCL 260 1-2   1600 600 175
SPCL 320   2-4 2400 700 225
SPCL 355    4-7 2800 900 300
SPCL 420   7-15 3200 1000 350

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